Frost Automation was started in 2001 to service a missing need in the coatings industry.

There are many equipment suppliers ready to sell you process equipment, but few who can put it all together into a working system. With our background in Automation Engineering we decided to target this underserved area of the coatings industry by putting together a team & expertise to service this segment of the automation industry exclusively.

Since 2001 Frost Automation has been involved in many projects large and small. Some of our major projects include:

  • Intek Solutions Tilbury – Exterior automotive parts coating line
  • Metokote Corporation, North Carolina –drive shaft coating line
  • Mitchell Plastics, Alabama – Interior automotive parts coating line
  • Mitchell Plastics Kitchener – 3 Interior automotive parts coating lines
  • Ultra Manufacturing, Waterloo – 3 Interior automotive parts coating lines
  • Listowel Technologies – Exterior parts coating line
  • Tiercon Industries –Exterior automotive parts coating line
  • Lisi Aerospace – Aerospace bolt coating application
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